To serve, educate, and protect our community.

We are recognized within the community for setting the standards in public safety and education through responsive leadership dedicated to professional conduct and ethics. 

Proud to Prepare, Prevent and Protect!
    Prepare for the unexpected
    Prevent harm through education and training 
    Protect those in need

    Accountable – We are responsible for our actions as professionals and individuals to those we serve as well as the fire service family.
    Respect – We realize that all people and things have value.  We show high regard and consideration for self, others, community and environment.
    Compassion – We care for those who are suffering from tragic events in their lives and do all that is in our power to assist in stabilizing the situation with a merciful attitude.
    Integrity – We understand the trust placed in us by the public. We believe in living by the highest moral and ethical principles.  We demonstrate this by the way we present ourselves within the community and in the fire service family.
    Excellence – We will consistently improve on the things we do and the way we do them.