Does the Wright City Fire Protection District (WCFPD) maintain fiscal accountability and are they responsible with taxpayer dollars?


Another great question! The WCFPD does indeed spend wisely and with full transparency. In fact, documents related to the budget must be kept on file for three years per Missouri State Law. These are public records, open to being viewed on request by anyone during reasonable times (Revised Statutes of Missouri (R.S.Mo.) 67.060).


We use public dollars, therefore we also strive to meet standards of transparency. The public is entitled to see how money is being used. Each year, the WCFPD participates in an annual third-party audit. The accounting firm WCFPD currently uses is Spinner & Kummer, PC located at 50 Crestwood Exec Center # 400, in Sappington, Missouri.


What are annual audits and why?


Each Missouri fire district must have an annual report of its financial transactions prepared in the format prescribed by the Missouri Office of State Auditor (R.S.Mo.) 105.145). Fire districts are required to maintain their accounting records and report their financial activities on a double-entry modified accrual basis of accounting, and account for current assets, current liabilities and fund balances of the district. Revenues are recognized in the accounting period in which they are available and measurable, and expenditures will generally be recognized in the accounting period in which the liability is actually incurred.