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Wright City Fire Protection District Board of Directors

Your Wright City Fire District Board of Directors is comprised of devoted members of our local community who desire to help our district serve and protect our citizens. They willingly donate their time, talents, and expertise for the good of the community. We sincerely appreciate their commitment and dedication.

The board meets the second Thursday of each month at 4:30 at House 1. We welcome you to get involved with our district in any way you can.


Our Members of the District are elected every 6 years. They serve 6 years before eligible for re-election or retirement.


Active Board of Directors:

Michelle Heiliger  Family: Two grown adult daughters, Payton and Riley. 


                                         Business:  Michelle Heiliger is a career Human                                                             Resources professional and a subject matter expert on                                             linking Human Capitol initiatives to business results.                                                 Through her passion around organizational leadership                                             and team development she has been able to challenge                                             organizations to build from the ground up and focus                                                 their efforts on training and development to meet long                                             term goals. Currently serving as the Director of Human                                             Resources for Sellenriek Construction, she is breaking                                               glass ceilings, challenging the status quo, and proving                                               herself to be an integral part of a formerly all-male team.


                                        Civic Service: The only thing that overshadows Michelle’s                                              successful career in business, is the multitude of                                                            leadership positions she holds within the community she                                            has called home for nearly 40 years.  As the Mayor of                                                    Wright City, the only female member of a county                                                            Leadership team,  Board member of the Fire District,                                                    Executive Board member of the Wright City Band Boosters                                          and founder of her own non-profit, she has been able to                                              act as the adhesive that helps bring all the different                                                      organizations she represents to the table in local                                                          government.  She is a champion of bringing many voices to                                          the table to collectively reach a goal that will best                                                          represent and move the entire community forward.  



Chris Kellner         Family: 




                                        Civic Service: 



Rudy Jovanovic

April, 2008 - Present


Married since 1979  /  Two children  /  Three grandchildren


  • EPC, Inc since 1989

  • Vice President, responsible for facility maintenance (7 US locations), fleet operations (36 vehicles), security and safety for 350 employees nationwide.

Civic Service:

  • A volunteer with Wright City Fire Protection District since 2005

  • Director of the Wright City Fire Protection District since 2006

  • President of the Wright City Fire Protection District since 2016



I enjoy tinkering with my 17 old garden tractors and someday hope to get them all running. I also enjoy wood working and finding new useful purposes for old junk.

​Jeanette Woehrle

April, 2018 - Present


Married to a veteran for over 20 years  /  3 children: John, Jeanette, and Liam



I was a stay-at-home mom from 2001-2007 for my older children before going to work at Brake Resources and Braking Technologies as an Administrative Assistant. I was with them until the day they closed the doors doing inventory control, HR, Accounts Rec/Pay, day-to-day data entry, etc. Then again from 2010-to 2013, I stayed home with Liam. In 2013 I went to work part-time at St Louis Cancer Care as a receptionist. I currently work part-time at 519 On S Main in St Charles.



I love my Irish heritage. My ancestors have been traced back to Robert the Bruce. John and I have traveled to a few countries such as Mexico and the Bahamas. The trip I look most forward to is Ireland and finding some of the family castles.

Interior design, decorating, and painting are my go-to hobbies. I love to find "ugly" pieces and give them new life. My dad taught me how to paint at 8 years old and since then, I have painted and or decorated for many friends and family.

I enjoy being outside, playing with the kids, dinner on the deck and cutting the grass. I don't mind getting my hands dirty planting flowers or even changing my own oil.

Dr. Justin Fears

April, 2018 - Present


Married to Nicci Fears  /  Two Children, Mattox & Ryder



  • Owner and Operator of Phobius Haunted House

  • CEO of Fearsome Entertainment, LLC

  • High School Principal – Alpha Academy, Warrenton, MO

Civic Service:

  • Former member of the Wentzville Community Club

  • Don’t be a Monster Anti-Bullying Program

  • Assist with neighborhood HOA



I enjoy doing special FX makeup, designing and constructing haunted house sets, reading, spending time with my family, anything outdoors, and anything related to our businesses.


Retired Board of Director Members:

Mike Schriener:

April, 2012 - April,2018

Dan West: (Deceased)

April, 2008 - March, 2018


​Robert Grah

April, 2016 - December, 2017


Andrew Klein

April, 2016 - June, 2017


Keith Thompson

April, 2009 - December, 2009

April, 2010 - April, 2016


Larry Zuhone

April, 2001 - April, 2002

April, 2004 - April 2016

Randy Lewis

April, 2000 - April, 2012

Robert Mallery

April, 2006 -


Mark Smith

April, 2006 - July, 2006


​Roy May

April, 2002 -


​Todd Vanzuyen

April, 2002 -


Rob Miller

April, 1998 - February, 2001

Bill Groeper

September, 1972 - April, 2002


Donald Tomschin

February, 1979 - April, 1998


​Marvin Schubert

September, 1991 - April, 2010


​J.D. Masterson

September, 1972 - February, 1979

Al Witthaus

September, 1972 - September, 1991

Wright City Fire District Board Vacancies


Elections for board members are held bi-annually. If you would like to be considered to be a board member, please complete the two forms below, and submit them with a copy of your driver’s license to If you have any questions, please call 636.745.2262 x 101.


Wright City Fire District Board Member Meeting Minutes

We track meeting minutes annually. Click a link below to see!


Tax Increase History

Your Wright City Fire Protection District works hard to keep taxes low. Below is a record of past tax increases.

2002 TAX Increase

1988 Tax Increase

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